English online coaching, study english in Skype

Most English learners dream of the day they’ll be able to use English fluently and effortlessly. But they’re not sure how to get there.

Our Life Language Online Coaching shows them the relevant approach. This is an effective and authentic way of learning English.

Our coaching is personal - tailored to the specific needs and potential of each learner. We focus on overall English proficiency, improving language skills and test-taking strategies. Each case becomes our personal project and we work hard with our learners to obtain great results.

Why is coaching effective?

  • Personalized coaching is customized to meet your particular needs. You get a lot of speaking practice.
  • It provides the techniques of guided learning, corrections and advice, enable you to communicate to the best of your ability.
  • Coaching helps you gain more communication self-awareness: you identify your strengths and learn how to adjust to the different communication styles.
  • You talk, video, type and share files with your personal coach.

What will your personal English language coach do for you?

  • Help you create, manage your personal English acquisition plan and set appropriate goals
  • Engage you in regular conversations to help you become confident and comfortable using English.
  • Support you on a daily basis to ensure your success.

English language coaching is your opportunity to work individually with ESL professional to achieve the goals and experience ultimate success.
One training session lasts about 2,5 hours and is followed up with an emailed personal report recommendations for further study and homework assignment.

If you have been stuck at the same level of English for too long, feel frustrated and bored with conservative systems, we offer a method which will empower you with the precise strategy and support to break free from your present level and push you towards a truly advanced level of proficiency.


Language teaching based on explaining the language and its rules is still the norm in most schools. This method has been quite unsuccessful. Most students simply end up not speaking or even understanding the spoken language after 10 years or more of classroom study of that language. This represents a spectacular failure.
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Thinking, evaluating, analyzing, these are things we all do. The more experience we have, and the more we read, and the more we are obliged to state points of view and defend them, the better we get at critical thinking. Language is not science or math. It does not require complicated explanations or laboratory experiments.

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We are strongly confident that anyone can reach a high level of fluency in a language in just a few months. Many of us have studied a language for years and are barely able to string a sentence together. However, considering what you are actually doing in schools; a couple of hours of theory, using the language unnaturally for exam purposes, some half-interested tasks with a little practice.
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