What is language coaching?

Language teaching based on explaining the language and its rules is still the norm in most schools. This method has been quite unsuccessful. Most students simply end up not speaking or even understanding the spoken language after 10 years or more of classroom study of that language. This represents a spectacular failure.

After some years of research we changed the role of the language teacher to your personal tutor who is surely one of coach, guide, reliable source of regular feedback and encouragement. With his help, full attention and objective feedback focus, you can learn much quicker. Coaching appointments begin with a chance for you to report on your progress and end with a clear set of actions steps you choose to take in the week ahead. The biggest surprise for the first-time learners is realizing that the coach isn't there to give advice. Instead, powerful, incisive coaching questions stimulate you to examine the things in language that matter most from new angles. A couch is a friend and confidant, your greatest supporter, and someone who knows you well enough to call out the best in you. With regular support, motivation in discovering the potential for language learning and accountability from someone who believes in you, you can do far more than you would ever accomplish alone. A personal tutor helps you to stay on the right track, overcome the foreign language barriers and obstacles thus convert your 'want–to' into concrete steps that get in your date book and get done.