How does a coaching session work and is there homework? 

A typical coaching session usually starts with the preparation by both a coach and a client. The coach prepares a follow-up of previous training tasks and goals, and proposes certain solutions for ongoing issues. The client prepares for the discussion on new goals, ideas, and endeavors.

During the coaching session call, you cover everything that's been prepared starting with the questions and on to developing or refining the action plans. After that you continue to progress through.

As the session comes to its end, the coach tries to ask important questions like: Did we cover everything that needed to be covered? Is there anything we need to change? In turn, you commit to following through on action plans and homework. You end the session with confirming the time for the next call and summarizing the mutual action plans, tasks, goals, and possible deadlines for your homework assignment.

Homework is a very important requirement of all good coaching programs.

Most work between a coach and a client is done during the period between contact meetings.

In between meetings, your tutor can always be reached via email or skype for help, support, motivation, questions, just about anything that you need.

As a result, progress is determined as much by what is done outside the contact meetings, as what is done within the hours of private coaching.