In a globalised world, English communication and personal success are increasingly interdependent and thus language coaching has aspects in common with life coaching.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them...» Sir John Whitmore.

The Sanskrit word 'VEDA' «knowledge, wisdom» is derived from the root ‘vid’ = to know ('vidya' is eduaction). Sanskrit has been greatly influenced by many languages including European. Hence, 'veda' means acquiring of knowledge for right thinking, stimulating profound learning experience, enlightenment.

The ability to speak, read, and write one or more foreign languages is an invaluable asset in today's information age. The world is becoming smaller. The internet is bringing language content to our finger-tips, in text, audio and video formats. Foreign language skills are usually the best indicator of professional success in a modern society. We are more interconnected than ever. English still has the position of being the most used international language. It is a source of confidence, and is essential to effective communication, network building and persuasiveness.

In many countries of the world it is common for people to speak more than one language. However, in some of them, enormous time and efforts are invested in language teaching with relatively poor results. People do not learn well in language classrooms and, in fact, are often discouraged by traditional language teaching methods.

Online Coaching is one of the most prestigious training in the world, «unlocking a person’s potential to maximaze his growth»

It is not possible to exaggerate the importance of the attitude of the learner. It is the deciding factor. Do you like the language? Do you think you can succeed? Can you see yourself as a speaker of the new language? Are you an independent-minded learner?


The intrinsic motivation of personal interest is the strongest of all. Thus a tutor has a role as a guide for feedback, a coach for encouragement and covering personal needs.

Our long-term goal is to make all your knowledge systematic thus immediately practical useful and accessible to everyone!