PHONETIC TRAINING PHONETIC TRAINING The goal of phonetic training program is not to eliminate your accent, but to improve your pronunciation skills. You learn how to change pronunciation patterns with some practice and guidance, so you will be able to communicate more clearly and properly.
GRAMMAR TRAINING GRAMMAR TRAINING Grammar is the set of rules that governs the usage of any language. A strong grasp of English grammar is of the greatest importance. Improving these skills takes some time and effort but it is worth it. This training will help you develop a solid grammatical base thus gain speaking confidence.
COMMUNICATION SKILLS TRAINING COMMUNICATION SKILLS TRAINING The ability to succeed in a global business environment demands high English communication skills. This training aims to provide individuals with the language skills and knowledge required to communicate effectively in English in various speech events.
GENERAL ENGLISH TRAINING GENERAL ENGLISH TRAINING A major world language, English is used as a tool in international communication. We aim to help learners communicate effectively even when their grammatical knowledge and pronunciation skills are not perfect. This training is great for individuals who need to speak English for everyday activities, study, travel, or plan to take some English exam such as IELTS or TOEIC.